The Stars in the Quran & its alleged ‘Scientific Concurrence’, by Muslim speakers.
Modern Cosmology claims Stars are Balls of fire floating in the Infinite Space light-years away. The universe supposedly contains septillion stars & sun is 1 such star. This is clearly Antithesis to Islamic cosmology, where only stars which are as observed from the earth are recalled, with their 3 primary Purposes, namely

1.Driving away the eavesdropping jinns, (with Shooting stars)

2. Path guiding travellers at night and sea

3. As an Adornment of the lowest heaven.

Below are some of the observations.

"And We have built above you seven strong".(78:12),

 Imam ibnKathir (rah) comments,..."Meaning, the seven heavens in their vastness, loftiness, perfection, precision, and adornment with both stable and moving stars".  Imam IbnKathir also mentions….. meaning, the radiant sun that gives light to all of the world. Its light glows for all of the people of the earth”. (Vol 10, Page 324). The stars just like Sun & Moon are on the constant motion as observed from Earth, There are also fixed stars in the Sky, a phenomenon which is impossible in a moving , spinning and space travelling earth.  One such stationery star is the Polaris also called as the North Pole star. And this Phenomenon is recalled in the Quran. 

“And He has subjected the night and the day for you, and the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjected by His command”. (AnNahl 16:12).

Imam IbnKathir(Rah) comments, “Allah mentions the mighty signs and immense blessings to be found in His subjection of night and day, which follow one another; the sun and moon, which revolve; the stars, both fixed and moving through the skies, offering light by which people may find their way in the darkness. Each of (these heavenly bodies) travels in its own orbit, which Allah has ordained for it, and travels in the manner prescribed for it, without deviating in any way. All of them are under His subjugation, His control and His decree…”.(Vol 5). The Phenomenon of Stellar(Star) Motion system is established clearly in this commentary.


The proposed conjecture about Black holes is, they are invisible objects in space with Immense Gravitational pull as to pull any star which passes by it. This alleged Phenomenon is the favorite of Atheistic Cosmology, since chances of Multiverse is being speculated from it. The unfortunate lot are the Modern apologetic Muslim Speakers, who supposedly found the following Ayahs to be talking about Black Holes:

“Fala! I swear by the Mawaqi` of the stars”. (Al Waqi ‘ah 56:75).

Imam IbnKathir(Rah) comments, “(Fala! I swear by the Mawaqi` of the stars.) Mujahid said, "The setting positions of the stars in the sky,'' and he said that it refers to the rising and setting positions. This was said by Al-Hasan, Qatadah and preferred by IbnJarir. Qatadah also said that it means their positions.” (Vol – 9, Page 449)

The Modern apologists translate this Ayah as “I swear by the Place where the Stars Fall (Mawaqi)”, while the Salaf clearly talk about the Setting position of the stars in the Sky.

“But nay! I swear by Al-Khunnas. Al-Jawar Al-Kunnas”. (At Takwiir 81:15–16).

 Imam IbnKathir(Rah) comments, “IbnJarir recorded from Khalid bin `Ar`arah that he heard `Ali being asked about the Ayah; and he said, "These are the stars that withdraw(disappear) during the day and sweep across the sky (appear) at night”. (Vol 10 Page 381)

The Modern Deviant translation holds “Al-Khunnas” as ‘The Sweepings Stars’, & Al-Jawar Al-Khunnas as ‘The Disappearing Stars’, there by an unholy linkage to the Black holes supposed ‘Sweeping’ & Disappearing’ of the stars”. A clearly contradictory Tafsir to Ali(R.a) himself. One can see the heights of Misinterpretation the Muslim speaker & their scientific websites have fallen into, being celebrated by modern youth.


“Pulsars”, are yet another speculation of modern astronomy, which are Neutron Stars emitting immense Radio Waves, & hence creates a knocking sound claimed to be recorded in radio frequency active Telescopes from Millions of Light years away. And this Star has a piercing Gravity in Space time. This Masonic conjecture is again linked to the following Ayahs of the Quran by the modern muslim apologists.

“By the heaven, and At-Tariq, And what will make you to know what At-Tariq is, The star, Ath-Thaqib”. (At Taariq 86:1-3).

Imam IbnKathir(Rah) comments, “Allah swears by the heaven and what He has placed in it of radiant stars… Qatadah and others have said, "The star has been named Tariq because it is only seen at night and it is hidden during the day.'' His view is supported by what has been mentioned in the authentic Hadith that prohibits a man to come to his family Taruq. This means that he comes to them unexpectedly at nighttime. Concerning Allah's statement, Ath-Thaqib, Ibn `Abbas said, "The illuminating.'' `Ikrimah said, "It is illuminating and it burns the Shaytan''.

Modern apologists translate At-Tariq as ‘A Knocker’, &Ath-Thaqib as ‘The Piercing Star’, indicating that Alah(swt) is swearing on the Modern Conjectural object of Pulsars with its ‘Knocking’ Radio Waves, & its ‘Piercing Gravity’ of Space time. (AllahuMust’an). This is not just an abuse to the Interpretation of the Companions, but the oath of Allah(swt) being explained with atheistic theory of Gravity.

The Fallacy of Translating ‘Ath-Thaqib’ into ‘Piercing Star’, is proven from another Ayah, where Allah(swt) says, “Verily, We have adorned the near heaven with the stars(Kawaakib). And to guard against every rebellious Shaytan. They cannot listen to the higher group(of Angels) for they are pelted from every side. Outcast, and theirs is a constant torment. Except such as snatch away something by stealing, and they are pursued by a flaming fire of piercing brightness (Thaqib)”. (As-Saffat 37:6-10).

‘…..And they are pursued by a Flaming fire of Piercing Thaqib(Brightness)’. The ‘Thaqib’, is being used in this Ayah, to refer as ‘A Piercing brightness’, meaning Shining, Brightly (Vol 8, 235), & which Ikrima(Rah) called as ‘"It is illuminating and it burns the Shaytan''in the previous Ayah. So Thaqibnowhere refers to a Piercing Gravity Lie of the apologists, ‘supposedly’ referring to Pulsar Stars’.

Another point to note in the above Ayah, is the usage of the Term “Kawaakib’ in this ayah, is again translated by Modern Apologists to mean ‘Planets’, & hence intending the ‘Lower heavens’ is used in its expression, So this ‘seemingly’ relates to the Solar system as Lower Heavens. But the fallacy is: firstly, the Kawaakib used here are those used to chase out rebellious Satan’s, who eavesdrop on the Angelic conversations in the heavens, which exposes themuslim apologists’ Fallacy.

And secondly; Imam IbnKathir(Rah) explains, “Allah tells us that He has adorned the lowest heaven with the heavenly bodies for those among the people of the earth who look at it. The stars and planets in the sky give light to the people of earth….

“And to guard against every rebellious Shaytan”….means, every insolent and impudent devil, when he wants to eavesdrop (on news in the heavens), a piercing fire comes and burns him…..”. (Vol 8, Page 234-235)

These Ayah’s, provide an Important concept, that of the Heaven & its inviolability, which brings in the sealed Sky possibly with a Dome.

"And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze". (Al Mulk 67:5)

And indeed We have adorned the nearest heaven with lamps, and We have made such lamps (as) missiles to drive away the Shayatin, and have prepared for them the torment of the blazing Fire. (Vol 8, P 234)

This refers to the stars which have been placed in the heavens, some moving and some stationary. In Allah's statement, (and We have made them (as) missiles to drive away the Shayatin,) The pronoun `them' in His statement, "and We have made them'' is the same type of statement as the stars being referred to as lamps. This does not mean that they are actually missiles, because the stars in the sky are not thrown. Rather, it is the meteors beneath them that are thrown and they are taken from the stars. And Allah knows best.....

".....Qatadah said, "These stars were only created for three purposes: Allah created them as adornment for the heaven (sky), as missiles for the devils and as signs for navigation. Therefore, whoever seeks to interpret any other meanings for them other than these, then verily he has spoken with his own opinion, he has lost his portion and burdened himself with that which he has no knowledge of.'' IbnJarir and IbnAbiHatim both recorded this statement..". ( Vol 10, P 83) end of quote

Another reason for such a deviance is lack of orthodox understanding of the cosmos... There was an art mastered in all civilizations, where every stars position, it's rising, setting, it's path will  be known because these are critical for navigation in deserts and oceans to guide their way.. there are stars that may appear at certain time at night.. stars which are only found at certain regions, like the Polaris which is found only around the Scandinavian countries.. It appears that  these unique stars is what Allah(swt) is swearing  using different terminologies like at tariq, may be for it's sudden appearance in the night, OR al jawar al khunnas, maybe for stars which had a sweeping orbital path in the sky... And so on

We find such an interesting calling out of a specific star in the below ayah

"And that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius". (AnNajm 53:49)

Imam IbnKathir comments, "Ibn `Abbas, Mujahid, Qatadah and IbnZayd said about Ash-Shi`ra that it is the bright star, named Mirzam Al-Jawza' (Sirius), which a group of Arabs used to worship". (Vol 9)

So interesting enough Sirius was a star worshipped by many ancient civilizations, including the Arabs... even today in the South Indian Brahmanical tradition this star was worshipped as Arundathi, being seeked for it blessing during marital occasions... And all these comes from the babylonian astrological system... And it is this star which All Allah(swt) calls as "it's lord", interesting enough..

So the calling out of stars by Allah(swt) using different terminologies was clearly as how the Bedouin Arabs and traditional ancient communities perceived them... As stars were given different names due to their characters and time or region of appearance, for they were critical for navigation - 1 of the purpose of their creation ....

"And landmarks. And by the stars they are [also] guided". ( AnNahl 16:16)

Imam Ash Shafi(Rah) comments, " Such landmarks may be the mountains, the night and the days, which have winds of known names though they blow from different directions. And the sun and the moon and the stars WHOSE RISINGS and SETTINGS and whose PLACES in the sky are known". (Ar. Risala, Page 70)

So the modern world with its City lights and technological advancements mostly driven by the atheistic west, outdated the need for such ancient arts with navigational tools... So when such a sync lost with nature, a materialistic thought kicks in... Added with that, the embarrassment of Muslim youth in appealing to modern changing world, lead them to such a farfetched unacceptable interpretation of linking the ayahs with the Masonic cosmology. An unholy alliance.


Why would Allah ask us to use stars to navigate, if the heliocentric model is to travel, 6,70,000,000 mph. What is revealed in the Quran can never be wrong. Or has never been proven wrong. One of the primary purpose of stars is navigation on seas and lands... This is the art which was excelled in all of the ancient civilizations and art is unfortunately being forgotten due to modern navigational instruments which makes us so out of sync with the cosmos... And such a design of stars is so inconceivable with the modern cosmology of infinite moves and chaotic spinning, where stars are just balls of fire... Paradoxical

With the number of meteors so called getting bombarded, we should ideally be having multitude of showers being witnessed... But the inconsistencies are:

1) never had meteors recorded to be coming upwards from below the horizon... How is it possible that meters showers always are raining down, but never moving up from the horizon

2) we don't have any incidence of history where meteor rocks have been recovered... Except some speculative incidences having so many inconsistencies... Ideally with so much meteors being showered, we should be having as much as incidences as hail storms..

3) The impacts from meteorite or asteroid impact are ideally Earth sinks due to geological activity..the craters can be formed perfectly only if asteroids hit.90 degree... How it is that all meteroits or asteroites hit 90 degree always... And if such impacts are created, we should have much proof of space rocks . But have found none except few speculative reports...

 The space rock that wiped out the dinosaurs ?

The alleged space rock that wiped out not only the dinos but also 75% of life on earth, 65 to 66 million years ago has been widely accepted by many around the world. This claim is reinforced with pointing out at the Chickxulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. A crater formation that can neither be seen with a naked eye nor are there any satellite images. Its existence is only concluded on the basis of a a chain of cenotes ( sink holes or natural pits of fresh water) spread over dozens of miles, that when mapped form a semi-circle, and the other half is under water which is told to be detected by a gravity mapping by geophysicists of an oil company. Whether this theory is true or another deliberate attempt to strengthen the answer to why the dinosaurs are no more. The reality can only be found out by doing a counter check of the other theories of masonic sceince using some sensible, realistic and logical calculations.

The fallacy of this event

If we analyse the proportions of every aspect of this theory to derive meaning, it becomes impossible to believe it. Lets begin from the start

With the speculation about the existence of vacuum space and space rocks entering earth’s atmosphere is highly debatable. Also considering the counter phenomenon of the oxygen burning out most of the space rocks that come in contact with it.Not to forget, during the claimed time period of 66 million years ago the level of oxygen was 30% more than current times. Today meteorite sitings and claims of space rocks falling to the earth are a result of misjudged shooting stars, nasa and army experiments, or simply mischief makers with home madefirworks. There is huge underground market of fake  meteorite stones being smuggled that are nothing but moulded or carved pieces of iron and nickel. People who believe in them buy them.

The space rock that hit earth, is boldly claimed to be 11 kms to 81 kms in dimensions. Again just a prediction or probability that is promoted till accepted by all. So now, this rock is an elongted mass. With a huge difference of opinion at what speed it impacted the surface or how heavy it was  but the existing invisible crater size is declared to be 150 kms in diameter an area of 25,450 Comparing this to the area of the earth which is 510.1 million Thats only only 0.0049 % of the earth’s surface. Please note that the weight of globe earth is claimed to be 5.972 sextillion metric tonnes. This event is as miniscule as a small pebble hitting a large mountain. These comparitives just assures us that this theory is worth while calling a theory or a story because its too small to cause earthquakes and tsunamis that almost killed everything.

This theory also fails its own sister theory of continental drift. The cretaceous era earth had north america and south amelia as two of the many different early continents with africa in between. Considering the space rock to hit earth in the cretaceous period, it is understood that the current Yucatan peninsula didn't even exist that time. Even if it did how could the circular nature of the crater remain intact and dragged on for over 65 to 66 million years of continental drift. This is just a fake theory toppling another fake theory due to fallacy.

The overhyped theory of evolution has just risen many questions about the existence of dinosaurs and our connection to them. A paradox to ponder that if a specie is extinct how does evolution still continue to thrive if the specie itself is cut off from life. Does that mean if dinosaurs never died would humans come into existence faster or would weco exist with dinosaurs. These questions will only bring out the hollowness in the atheistic creed of evolution and its prequel, the big bang theory.




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